Theresa May reverts to Brexit message after social care U-turn : The Guardian

Prime minister relaunches Tory election campaign by focusing on negotiations with Brussels.

Theresa May will claim that “economic prosperity will suffer, jobs and livelihoods will be put at risk, and with them the security and peace of mind of working families” if the government fails to secure a successful Brexit negotiation with the European Union.

The prime minister will make the comments in a speech in the West Midlands designed to relaunch her election campaign after the Manchester terror attack and division within her party following her U-turn on social care plans.

Ramping up the language in her warnings about the high-stakes nature of the talks with the EU27, May will say: “If we don’t make a success of Brexit, we won’t have the financial means to fund the public services upon which we all rely. Our National Health Service – the institution which is there for us at the most difficult times – needs us to make a success of Brexit to ensure we can afford to provide it with the resources it needs for the future.

“Every school in every village, town and city needs us to make a success of Brexit.”

She will claim that success is vital to ensure a “sustainable welfare system” and to “go on investing in transport infrastructure – our roads and bridges and railways,” adding: “Everything depends on getting Brexit.”

However, the prime minister made clear during Monday night’s television clash with Jeremy Corbyn that she was prepared to walk away without an agreement, repeatedly saying “no deal is better than a bad deal”.



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