UK ‘to fight for right to give foreign aid to counter-terror agencies amid global threat’ : Express

UK MINISTERS will unite with politicians across Europe to radically reform foreign aid rules – and invest the money in boosting intelligence services around the world.

The changes could see the money going into counter-terror units in nations like Iraq and Afghanistan, helping Britain to tackle national security threats around the world.

Ministers are preparing to lobby the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to change the rules governing how taxpayer’s money is spent on global projects.

An insider told the Sun: “We’re working with the Germans, the Dutch, the Nordic countries, there are a lot of like-minded countries who want change.

“We’re working on a submission to the OECD. We want change.”

Priti Patel

Other proposed changes include better disaster relief – including allowing troops to deliver aid to war-torn nations and stockpile aid in countries before natural disasters occur.

Under current rules a ship prepared with relief for disaster-stricken people is not allowed to be counted as part of the aid budget.

It comes as International Development Secretary Priti Patel calls for a “more muscular” approach to foreign aid as she wages war on “nice-to-do vanity projects” that use up taxpayer’s cash.

Speaking out against rules that stop relief-laden ships waiting to act in preparation for a disaster, she said: “It makes my blood boil.



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