BBC refuses to play Theresa May ‘Liar, Liar’ song despite it heading for the top 10 : i News

Theresa May is the latest politician to be targeted by Captain Ska

The BBC will refuse to play a protest song accusing Theresa May of being a “liar” which is heading for the top 10. Liar Liar by seven-piece London band Captain Ska includes soundbites from several of the Prime Minister’s speeches and interviews alongside the chorus: “She’s a liar liar, you can’t trust her, no, no, no”. The lyrics include: “When there’s nurses going hungry and schools in decline I don’t recognise this broken country of mine”. Released last Friday, the song has soared to Number 7 in the Official Chart Update. It has already made the Download chart top 10. BBC impartiality However the BBC said the song would not be included on the Radio 1 playlist or aired during Friday’s Official Chart rundown. A Radio 1 spokesman said: “We do not ban songs or artists, however our editorial guidelines require us to remain impartial and the UK is currently in an election period so we will not be playing the song.” The Big Top 40 show on Capital FM and Heart has also opted not to play the song.

All proceeds from the song between May 26 and June 8 will be split between food banks around the UK and The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, which launched a campaign to get music fans to download the song. The band said in a statement: “The success of this song shows people are fed up with this government of the rich, for the rich. We’re overwhelmed with the support and our message is that people do have the power to change society if we act together.”

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