Jeremy Hunt warns Tories may not be able to fulfil NHS pledges because ‘Brexit could go wrong : i News

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted his entire plan of increased investment and staffing to secure the future of the NHS depends on Theresa May securing a good Brexit deal for the UK. Mr Hunt has already announced an increase in the number of medical school places by up to a quarter, meaning up to 1,500 more student places a year from September 2018. He has also pledged to recruit 5,000 extra GPs by 2020 as well as extra nurses and 10,000 more mental health workers. However, speaking to i while out campaigning in his South West Surrey constituency on Tuesday, Mr Hunt said all those promises hinged on what position Britain finds itself in following two years of negotiations with Brussels on the terms of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

“Every one cares passionately about the NHS. They also know there’s not a magic money tree and in the end the Brexit negotiations will determine whether our economy stays strong and we can carry on putting more money into the NHS, which is what people want,” he said. Mr Hunt said his priorities for the NHS after the election, should the Conservatives retain power, would be “more doctors, more nurses” and increased health funding “on the back of a strong economy”.
If Brexit ‘goes wrong’


  1. Yes there is a money tree, it’s not particularly magic though.

    Just hit the conglomerate tax dodgers, the off-shore accounts brigade and the high level spivs.
    Presto….Billions of pounds in present, future, and most of all back tax they illegally tried to dodge.

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