Update: Tory extension of Prevent strategy is a recipe for racism and an alibi for war : Socialist Worker

Amber Rudd is putting armed police on the street

Tory home secretary Amber Rudd promised an “uplift” for the Islamophobic Prevent strategy today, Wednesday.

Introduced by the New Labour government after the 2005 7/7 bombings in London and made legally binding by the Tories’ 2015 Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, Prevent forces public sector workers to spy for signs of “radicalisation”.

The Tories are ramping up their assault on Muslims in the wake of the Manchester bombing last week.

Theresa May promised to set up a new Commission for Countering Extremism with far reaching powers.

This followed home secretary Amber Rudd’s pledge to strengthen the Islamophobic “Prevent” strategy to “make sure it has even more effective outcomes in communities”.

Now the Tories’ 2015 Counter Terrorism and Security Bill legally forces public sector workers, such as teachers, to spy for signs of “radicalisation”.

Raza Nadim from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (Mpac) told Socialist Worker, “Prevent and the whole anti-terror strategy is toxic—no one in the Muslim community ­welcomes it.


“They are talking at Muslims not to us, and this will mean being more intrusive and draconian.”

He added, “If you look at since we’ve had Prevent, it hasn’t stopped terrorism taking place.”



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