Amber Rudd endures fire from all sides as Theresa May sits out TV debate : i News

The next time Theresa May bumps into Amber Rudd, she should buy her a large drink and promise her a promotion if the Conservatives win next week’s general election. The Home Secretary took one for the Tory team, becoming a human punch-bag as her opponents rained blows on her government’s record, cheered on by an apparent majority of the audience in the usually sedate surroundings of Cambridge’s Senate House. Her lowest point came as she drew instant laughter with an appeal to voters to “judge us on our record”.

If that wasn’t enough, Ms Rudd endured repeated scorn for the failure of her boss to turn up for the seven-way debate. In a candid admission of her predicament, she said: “Theresa May is not here but I hope to make a good fist of setting out Conservative Party policy.” ‘Magic money tree’ attack Her main line of defence was to accuse the other parties of wanting to shake a “magic money tree” to pay for “shiny election promises”. The Tory Party would not, she vowed, “duck the hard challenges”, which led to ridicule for a succession of recent U-turns by Mrs May. Despite fresh accusations from Ms Rudd over his record on terrorism, Jeremy Corbyn won’t have regretted his last-minute decision to appear for Labour in Cambridge.



  1. Another excuse the – dumbo – Tory faithful gave – On the Farage show – for their beloved leader not turning up was…WHERE’S STURGEON THEN ?., she should be up there instead of Angus.

    To be fair to Farage he gave the reason, and I paraphrase…

    She can’t take part (I’m sure she’d love too) in the debate because she is not a Westminster politician, she is an elected Scottish politician and attends and is held responsible at Holyrood in Edinburgh, whilst Angus Robertson was elected to Westminster, is the Senior SNP politician at Westminster and therefore it was his duty to attend the debate.

    Theresa is a coward, plain and simple, it’s a leaders duty, especially a Prime Ministers duty to face of all opposition and explain yourself and your manifesto to all comers.

    Imagine Hitler saying to Doctor Goebells, hey Joseph how about you going up there and face the crowd instead of me, things might get ugly and I don’t feel up to facing it…Jeeeez.

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  2. A comment in the Daily Express.

    The Momentum audience of left-wing bawling mob were in a frenzy of supporting for the minnows of politics like fawning Farron, ludicrous tree hugging Lucas, the Scots jock, and the Hi De Hi woman. Well done BBC for exposing the audience for what it was.


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  3. The right wing Torag trolls are out in numbers at the moment especially on youtube and I notice many of them using union jack avatars, hoping I suppose to appeal to the UKIP voters they really desperately need…

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