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Bilderberg 2017 will take place at the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia, June 1-4. The annual gathering features industrial magnates, silicon valley tech giants, and political and economic luminaries, including economic ministers (G7, G20 etc.), the World Economic Forum, and leaders of other multilateral globalist groups. Here, our elected officials collude in secret with billionaire elites and globalist agents in order to thrash out the globalist agenda for the next 12 months. 

For the great and good of the transatlantic political elite, it pays to attend the annual Bilderberg Meeting. Here is the ‘official list’ of 2017 attendees. 

Has anyone enjoyed a swift rise to power after first courting the Bilderberg elite?

via Tony Gosling at Forum

Berger-beneficiaries from the past are:




  1. That’s another reason – and reason enough – for the Blairite’s desperate and rabid attempt to stop Corbyn gaining power.

    He might (since he’s a loose cannon, and doesn’t give a fick) start demanding the Hutton report is no longer locked away for 70 years. He might even find some kind of loophole in the law (or change the law) that releases all inquiries for scrutiny that are in the public’s interest.

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  2. A June 1-4 meeting, on the agenda : Firstly…how to hide the magic money tree if Corbyn wins the British election.
    Secondly…how to stop Corbyn from releasing damaging inquiries.

    Thirdly… how to get rid of Corbyn without it looking obvious they are behind it.

    Fourthly…how to get rid of McDonnell and Abbott, as well as pain in the ass Thornberry…ditto.

    Fifthly…how to install Blair – or one of his ilk – into power – in Corbyn’s place – without it looking suspicious.

    Followed by any other competent business.

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