Damaging debate adds to Tory woes as election campaign enters crucial final week : Socialist Worker

Jeremy Corbyn addressing supporters in Reading hours before the TV debate

Theresa May’s cowardly refusal to appear on a BBC election debate last night, Wednesday, added to the scorn being heaped in the Tories’ campaign.

It saw her stand-in, home secretary Amber Rudd, attacked from all sides over the Tories’ disgraceful record and their programme of further misery forordinary people.

Jeremy Corbyn, whose Labour campaign is gaining momentum, slammed the devastating Tory policy of austerity.

“Our schools are underfunded, our hospitals are overcrowded, our students are saddled with debt, there’s a growing housing crisis,” he said.”At every single turn, their answer is to further reduce corporation tax and further reduce tax for the very wealthiest in society.”

Rudd took the flak for May, and struggled to defend the Tories. “Just look at our record,” she said—to be met with howls of laughter. That record is of brutal cuts and racist repression.

Though she did give Ukip leader Paul Nuttall stiff competition when he tried to claim the mantle of racist Brexiteer-in-chief.

Rudd promised that the Tory assault on working class people, dressed up as “difficult decisions”, would not let up if they are re-elected.


When Rudd tried to justify Tory cuts, Corbyn was applauded for challenging her. “Have you been to a food bank?”, he asked.

Both the Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas and Scottish National Party deputy leader Angus Robertson backed up Corbyn’s position of linking British foreign policy in the Middle East to terrorist attacks like that in Manchester last week.



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