GE17: Labour are now just 3 POINTS BEHIND the Tories in the latest YouGov analysis : Evolve Politics

Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn

The latest YouGov analysis has been released, and it shows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have closed the gap even further on Theresa May’s Tories.

Jeremy Corbyn will also get a chance to further improve Labour’s poll ratings during tonight’s live BBC debate – a debate which Theresa May has declined to take part in, choosing instead to send the Home Secretary Amber Rudd in her place.

The new analysis, conducted on 30th May, gives the Conservatives a slim 3 point lead over Labour. One other major talking point is that this analysis predicts the Conservatives will lose their majority in parliament.

Theresa May called the snap general election with the expressed intent of increasing the Tories’ majority and strengthening their mandate to lead the Brexit negotiations.

Should they fail to hold on to a majority, it would be a bitter blow for a party who led their closest rivals by a monumental 24 points just one month ago.

If the results of this latest YouGov analysis were to be played out on election night, it could well lead to many of Theresa May’s Conservative colleagues calling for her resignation even if the Tories do manage to win the most seats.




  1. I don’t trust this Tory run, YouGov poll. It’s possible that they are leading us into a false sense of security, hoping voters won’t bother to turn out to vote Labour. I wouldn’t put anything past them at this late stage.

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  2. Agreed we should not be complacent. Everyone who intends to vote should get out and do so regardless of essentially meaningless polls.
    Besides we don’t just want Corbyn to win, we want the Torags destroyed…


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