Theresa May in hot water in Bath as she faces protest : Socialist Worker

Despite every effort to avoid ordinary people, Theresa May again faced the wrath of protesters today, Wednesday.

Around 70 people gathered at very short notice to harangue May as she visited the Cross Manufacturing factory on the outskirts of Bath.

The protests’ unifying theme was defending public services.

There were activists from Bath Against the Cuts and local campaigns over the NHS and education cuts, students and pensioners as well as opponents of fox hunting. Some workers from the nearby St Martins hospital took part during their lunch hour.

People shouted “Bath deserves better” and “Hunt Tories not foxes” as May’s battle bus went past.

Despite the highly stage-managed nature of May’s visit, she still had to deal with some questions that she doesn’t have answers to. One Cross Manufacturing worker asked, “What will you do about the rising tide of homelessness and food banks?

“I asked Tory canvassers about this. They did not give me a satisfactory answer.”

Another worker asked about the school funding cuts.



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