May’s Brexit plan will risk jobs meltdown : Morning Star

Labour vows to put workers first when negotiating EU exit

by Felicity Collier

JOBS will come first in Brexit negotiations under Labour, Jeremy Corbyn pledged yesterday.

The Labour leader said that Prime Minister Theresa May’s reckless approach to Brexit could risk Britain “crashing out of the EU without a deal.”

He also warned of a “jobs meltdown across Britain,” if the Tories are in charge of taking us out of the EU.

With just over a fortnight until Brexit negotiations start, the two leaders set out their EU stalls yesterday.

Mr Corbyn promised strong rights and protections for workers, an end to exploitation and the undercutting of wages.

He warned: “The party that closed down huge chunks of British industry under Margaret Thatcher, and now pays for tax handouts for the richest with cuts to vital public services, hasn’t changed its spots.”

Introducing his team of Brexit negotiators, including Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Barry Gardiner, he said that Labour would ensure that all workers would benefit from equal rights from day one, as well as better safety and protections.



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