Tory MP walks out of hustings after sparking furious row about foodbank users smoking and owning ’58 inch TVs’ : Daily Mirror.

Mark Pritchard, who is defending his seat in The Wrekin, is alleged to have complained people who use foodbanks also have 58 inch TVs and smoke cigarettes.


Tory MP Mark Pritchard walked out of an election hustings in Shropshire on Thursday night, after getting into a blazing row with voters.

Locals said the Wrekin MP had made inflammatory comments about people using food banks having ’58 inch TVs’ and ‘smoking £10 packs of cigarettes’, which sparked fury from the room.

Mr Pritchard was filmed berating his constituents, telling them “some of you have let yourselves down tonight”, which prompted the audience to slow clap him until he left.

According to several people who attended the debate, hosted by Telford Trades Union Congress, Mr Pritchard was answering a question on Tory cuts to disability benefits from a member of the audience when he made the comments.

Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard

Labour candidate Dylan Harrison told the Mirror: “Mark decided to turn it into a quite outrageous attack on people who use foodbanks.

“And he started going on about a programme he’d watched on television and how this woman had been complaining about the fact that the baked beans she’d got from a foodbank weren’t Heinz, and she had a 58 inch television and was smoking cigarettes.

“And he said she was “weight challenged”, as if she didn’t need the food.”

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  1. I’ve been following this on Twitter. What a shambles, the whole of the Tory party is imploding. The other MP, Lucy Allen, who didn’t show up, lied and said that she hadn’t been invited, until someone produced a copy of the email as proof that she had.

    They are panicking now that the end is in sight, they know its all gone horribly wrong.

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  2. Ask a Tory about ESA, mental health issues, ATOS, Trident, I Daniel Blake etc and you’re denounced as a Communist. Someone should ask Theresa May about UNUM.

    Anyway he probably complained to the Daily mail – and anyone else who’ll listen – that the room was full of lefties.

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