Faces of the mega-rich Tory donors helping raise £19,000 an hour to get Theresa May back into power : Daily Mirror.

We’ve compiled a league table of the biggest Conservative donors who are throwing millions behind the party’s flagging campaign to cling on to Downing Street.

Fat cat donors are helping the Conservative Party fundraise nearly £19,000 an hour to keep Theresa May in Downing Street.

Bankers, business tycoons and hedge fund bosses make up this list of millionaire donors who have each pumped at least £100,000 into the Tory war chest since the election campaign began.

Figures from the Electoral Commission show the Tory Party raised £9.5million from donations between May 3 and 23 – more than all other parties combined and equivalent to £18,888 an hour.

Labour was a distant second with £3.4million over the same period, although this figure does not include small donations from the party’s online fundraising appeals.

Here, we look at the Conservative Party’s biggest donors since May 3…

Read More : Daily Mirror.



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