Scaredy-cat May poses out of the way : Morning Star

THERESA MAY slunk into South Yorkshire yesterday to hold a secret media photo-call in the back garden of a Tory councillor’s home in Doncaster.

She arrived in the former mining and steel town for publicity stunts in secret for fear of protests.

The visit was kept under wraps and access was strictly controlled — only invited guests and media.

But protests took place anyway, including one outside Doncaster’s office of the Department for Work and Pensions, where supporters of the Women’s Lives Matter organisation were voicing their opposition to child benefit cuts and the withdrawal of funding for women’s refuges for victims of domestic violence.

Since 2010 women’s refuges and domestic violence services have lost funding and been forced to close.

One of the protesters, Lou Harrison, told the Morning Star: “We’ve seen Theresa May pictured on TV in the back garden of a terraced house in Armthorpe.

“It was a Tory councillor’s house. She’s not shown herself to the public.



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