LONDON ATTACKS: Who Knew, Who Benefits The Most? : 21st Century Wire

London once again becomes a target of a purported terror event. This time, were told multiple attacks have occurred simultaneously, happening less than two weeks after Manchester’s known wolf arena bombing. Only time will tell if the latest attacks on London Bridge, the Borough Market area, will also turn out to be the work of known wolf terrorists watched by British security. 

RT News reports:

“London police confirm they are dealing with three “incidents” in the city center on Saturday evening: a vehicle collision with pedestrians on London Bridge, reported stabbings in the Borough Market area and a third incident in Vauxhall.”

*UPDATE* – Early reports suggested this was a ‘triple terror attack’ in London but new reports have amended the initial reports. Here’s a screenshot from the UK’s Telegrapgh

Though many are still shocked in the wake of the London attacks – key questions will undoubtedly emerge following this latest act of terror in the West.

The new London attacks, come on the heels of the UK’s 2017 general election on June 8th, a race which has tightened dramatically since the Manchester Arena attack. Reuters reports the latest election details in the aftermath of yet another terror incident:

“British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives have a lead of just one percentage point over the opposition Labour Party ahead of the June 8 election, according to a Survation poll conducted for the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The poll showed said May’s lead had fallen sharply from a lead of 12 percentage points in the previous Survation/Mail on Sunday poll published on May 21.

In the new poll, support for the Conservatives stood at 40 percent, down six percentage points and Labour were on 39 percent, up five points.



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