More BBC bias as just NINE Tories asked 29% of questions on Question Time leaders’ special : Evolve Politics

Further evidence of BBC bias emerged during the Question Time special last night as just NINE far-right Tories asked a massive 29% of audience questions.

The British public tuned in to BBC1 last night to watch a special version of Question Time presented by David Dimbleby, during which Corbyn and May separately answered questions from 120 specially selected audience members.

The audience consisted of around 120 people, of which ‘just a third say they intend to vote Conservative next week. The same number say they’re going to vote Labour, and the rest either support other parties or have yet to make up their minds’, according to Dimbleby. If true, this is where the BBC’s democratic representation ends. It became increasingly clear throughout the programme that disproportionately few women and people of colour were invited to ask questions. The BBC continued to demonstrate its problem with both women, people of colour, and a new kind of politics last night, almost as if they were reluctant to platform those who are disproportionately affected by Tory cuts and racist policies.

With Dimbleby at the helm, many may have expected a moderator of such calibre to ensure the fair and democratic representation of audience members. Instead, the last 15 minutes of the debate was dominated by several angry white and self-professed Tory men bringing in obscure hypothetical questions and shouting abuse at the Labour leader. In fact, these nine Tories asked a massive 29% of the questions in last night’s Question Time between them, and they usually brought it back to the issue of defence, which was already discussed earlier in the Q&A session. Consequently, this took attention away from pressing issues that were more relevant to the other 111 audience members, such as the NHS, Tory austerity, the dementia tax, or Labour’s own progressive policy platform. Not only this, but Labour are actually already committed to the renewal of Trident in their party manifesto. The cameras show this aggressive minority repeatedly breaking the rules of the show’s format by pointing, shouting, and interrupting the Labour leader.



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