This viral pro-Tory graphic is complete and utter bullsh*t. Are you really gullible enough to fall for it? : Evolve Politics

Utter Bullshit Conservative Labour Compare Spending Deficit

There’s a handy little graphic floating around social media at the moment, pushed out by the Conservatives as part of their traditional claim of ownership of economic acumen as compared to Labour’s record.

As usual with these sorts of infographics, the figures themselves can’t be taken on face value.

The column headings for example give just two years being compared: 2010 and 2017.  With no specific dates it’s hard to confirm the veracity.

These dates are significant, not just because 2010 was the last time that Labour was in power, but also because of its proximity to one of the most seismic economic disasters in modern history.

But let’s not allow pertinent details to get in the way of making a cheap point.

The graphic completely ignores inflation

Given the 7 year span these figures cover, the creator of the graphic has decided to conveniently forget to adjust for inflation, as well as also ignoring other crucial factors such as a rising population.

Adjusting for inflation is also know as a ‘real terms’ comparison, and is the only way of accurately comparing financial figures over any span of time.



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  1. The Tories love graphs and figures, especially the type of graphs and figures that portray them in a good light.
    There’s one small problem for the Tories, and a problem they can’t even conceive, because they can’t get into the mindset of the people their graphs are directed at, the plebs don’t care for them and don’t give a rats ass for them either.
    The only people who are interested in graphs and figures are the type that don’t fall for what they say.

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