KNOWN WOLF UNCOVERED: At Least One London Bridge Attacker Familiar to Anti-Terror Police : 21st Century Wire

How deep does the London Bridge ‘known wolf’ rabbit hole go?

In our first report regarding the London Bridge attacks we discussed the distinct possibility that the those linked to this latest terror event might well be known to authorities – it turns out, in at least one case, that’s already true.

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NOTE: We’ve already outlined many of the anomalies associated with this latest ‘act of terror’ in the West in our first report…

The identity of the attacker has not yet been officially released at request of MET Police.

Although PM Theresa May refused to say whether London authorities knew any of the attackers during a speech where she effectively declared war on so-called ‘online extremism’ (dovetailing the Bilderberg Group’s own planned war on information) it seems that that information is slowly being drip fed to the public by media with regard to the London Bridge attacks.

While authorities and officials continue to play coy regarding the release of attacker information, the NY Times reported the following details below:

Ken Chigbo, a resident of the neighborhood on King’s Road in Barking where the apartment was raided, said he knew the man who lived in the apartment. He said the neighbor lived with his wife and two young children, looked to be in his mid-20s and was known in the community by his nickname, “Abs.”

“He would always be in a religious gown to his shins, with tracksuit bottoms and trainers underneath,” Mr. Chigbo, 26, said about his neighbor, with whom he played table tennis. “I trusted him. We got on.”



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