Theresa May’s response to the London attack was an admission of failure : i News

Theresa May’s response to Saturday night’s terror attack at London Bridge was to throw up her arms and exclaim: “Enough is enough.” After six years as Home Secretary and one year as Prime Minister it is difficult to interpret this as anything other than an admission of failure. On her watch we have seen a raft of new anti-terrorism laws, including temporary exclusion orders, revamped control measures (TPIMS) and a beefing up of the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy. Mrs May has also authorised the recruitment of 1,900 additional MI5 offices and oversaw the introduction of the controversial snoopers’ charter. In May last year the Government unveiled its new counter-extremism bill which includes powers to ban “extremist” organisations, gag individuals and empower local councils to close premises used to “promote hatred”. Not borne out So Mrs May’s sombre and defiant observation after Saturday night’s atrocity that there has been “far too much tolerance of extremism” is not borne out by her own legislative programme. Instead the Government and the security services have dedicated huge resources to the task of combating “extremism” and what Mrs May described on Sunday as a “perversion of Islam.”


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