Tory angers voters by attacking mum of disabled child : Morning Star

Ex-Conservative supporter left shaken after abuse from candidate.

A TORY candidate came under fire yesterday from his own constituents after he verbally attacked a mum of a disabled child who challenged him over government cuts.

Millionaire Jonathan Djanogly launched the astonishing tirade against the former Tory supporter during a parliamentary hustings in Cambridgeshire.

Emma Bail, who said she was attending her first ever political meeting, raised concerns over “damaging cuts” that mean preschool-age children with disabilities are limited to only 15 hours of support at nursery.

She said this meant that disabled children were excluded from nursery and their parents were being “pushed onto benefits.”

Instead of addressing her worries, Mr Djanogly berated her and accused her of being a Labour activist.

Ms Bail explained: “Mr Djanogly, in front of a room full of people, suggested I wasn’t telling the truth and that he had responded to me and branded me an ‘activist’ in an attempt to discredit me.

“I’m not an ‘activist.’ I’m a mum so frightened about my children’s future I feel compelled to speak out. I actually voted for Mr Djanogly last time.”




  1. That’s what the Tories are really like. When they are under pressure they crack up and then the mental followed by the physical violence starts.

    Look at Boris, he walks around annoying people and wonders why people are upset at him, instead of figuring it out by himself that he’s being an irritating cnut…he instead reacts with the threat of confrontational mental and physical violence. Bumping into you, blowing kisses, smiling and laughing while you’re speaking as if he thinks you’re a fool.

    It’s only a matter of time before someone gives him an on camera kicking.

    How anyone can’t see through these people like Djangoly, May, Boris, Iain Duncan Smith etc, is totally beyond me.

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  2. Great article, and so true, we need more like that.

    The author put it brilliantly, and I’ve always said…
    It’s not the rich and powerful who are really responsible for treating the rest as idiots, it’s the very idiots they look down upon who keep them in perpetual power.

    It is not the rich and powerful who keep the Conservatives as a credible main party, but the deference of those they seek to dominate and rule.

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