Yes, Theresa, we’ve had enough – of your bull**** : Mirror

Her record on terror means it’s time for the Prime Minister to resign.

You don’t need YouTube to tell you how to drive people over.

It doesn’t take a terror manual to inform a moron that knives can kill, violence is terrifying and London Bridge is full of people on a summer Saturday night.

Running people down and knifing them to death is already illegal. There have been hundreds of pieces of anti-terror legislation brought in since 2000.

The authorities already have swingeing powers with which to investigate people brought to their attention and the maximum sentence for disseminating a terror manual or “encouraging” jihad is seven years’ imprisonment.

Yet within hours of the London Bridge attacks Theresa May was blaming online “safe spaces”, demanding tough new laws, and insisting on stronger sentences.

Not one of which – not ONE – would have stopped three angry inadequates buying knives, hiring a lorry, and causing carnage.

And all of them, along with her already-announced counter-extremism commission and efforts at getting international agreement on “regulating the internet”, would take ages.

Laws need to pass Parliament. Sentencing guidelines must be written, interpreted, and graded for those who plead guilty or provide intelligence.

Internet giants might, one day, agree they’re publishers in a legal sense rather than just a medium and therefore bear responsibility for what goes online, but they’ll have to be dragged there kicking and screaming.

While those months and years pass more innocents will be stabbed while out shopping, tossed off bridges while holidaying with loved ones, left mangled on hospital wards.




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