Boris Johnson tripped up in live interview after he attacks Jeremy Corbyn for something he did himself : Daily Record.

The Foreign Secretary was shut down by the BBC, who reminded him he also opposed 90-day detention – putting him on the same side as the Labour leader.


Blustering Boris Johnson has been tripped up on live radio after he attacked Jeremy Corbyn for voting against anti-terror laws.

The Foreign Secretary was caught out when the BBC reminded him he also opposed a key law – putting him on the same side as the Labour leader.

The mop-haired Old Etonian and Islington socialist joined forces to defeat far-reaching laws that were planned in the wake of the July 7 bombings on London.

Tony Blair suffered his first House of Commons defeat as Prime Minister on 9 November 2005 when MPs voted against 90-day detention for terror suspects.

Boris Johnson and many other Tories joined 49 Labour MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn , in the same voting lobby to defeat the measure.

Mr Johnson, who is crashing into the election campaign with two days to go with a speech this morning, said it was “weird” for Mr Corbyn to criticise security failings.

He added: “He consecrated his parliamentary career to opposing counter-terrorism measures.”

But BBC Radio 4 Today host Mishal Husain shut down Mr Johnson – by saying even Theresa May had opposed some Labour anti-terror laws.

And she asked how he had voted on the controversial 90-day law.

He replied: “Well, er, there are, there are, of course there are measures I have, er, not supported myself.”

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  1. Boris works on the assumption, that the whole population are so thick, that they will just accept anything he says. To be fair, he does have a point, as people keep voting for him.

    It doesn’t occur to him, that people might do their own research, and actually find out the truth. Not only did Boris vote the same as Corbyn, on some anti-terror laws, so did Theresa May, and David Davis.

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  2. Comment in the Guardian about the real Boris.

    Plataea LucianOfSamosata
    5h ago
    40 41

    Indeed & in the case of Boris Johnson – this is what some of his nearest & dearest say of the man:

    Boris Johnson’s sister:
    The buffoonery is an act. He’s sly, hard and petty. He’s a fraud

    Boris Johnsons ex-employer – Max Hastings
    I would not trust Boris with my wallet or wife.

    Furthermore, Johnson voted AGAINST some terror legislation as well (& thus with Corbyn) funny how that does not come out.

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