BREAKING: Corbyn to address Labour rallies across the country SIMULTANEOUSLY, tomorrow 6th June : Evolve Politics

BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn is to make a speech ‘Mélenchon style’ tomorrow evening (Tuesday 6th June) via video feed – speaking directly to Labour party members attending rallies up and down the country.

There are no plans for the Labour leader to appear by hologram; it’s unlikely to focus on gimmick aspect, but instead on the opportunity for Corbyn to address all Labour members simultaneously. A chance for him to rouse hearts and minds one last time in these critical final days, before a General Election that will decide the fate of the UK for a very long time.

Labour members… check your emails

Reputable sources say the rallies will be attended by key Labour party and shadow cabinet members, as well as high profile artists/musicians and celebrities who’ve openly supported Corbyn’s leadership – with live music performances planned for some too.

At least one of the rallies will take place in Scotland, and another in Warrington, Northwest England – though there are plans for up to six dotted around the country. Corbyn’s speech is planned for streaming between 7-8pm.

Labour party members should keep their eyes peeled for an email today – providing more information, and informing them of their nearest rally. Please do make sure to attend if you can.

THIS is what a leader looks like. A man willing to stand tall, and to speak with every one of us. Not someone who hides away, avoiding the cameras, dodging any and all scrutiny – sending bereaved minions in his place.



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