Report into Funders of Terrorism in UK May Be Suppressed by Tories

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This is disturbing, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if the Home Office really did refuse to publish a report into the foreign sources of terrorism here in the UK.

Mike over at Vox Political has put up a piece from the Guardian, which explains how the Home Office’s extremism analysis unit was instructed by David Cameron to investigate the financing of extremist groups in the UK from abroad one and a half years ago, and to report their findings back to the PM and Theresa May.

The Home Office has now stated that the report has not been completed, and may never be published, as its contents are ‘extremely sensitive’.

The Lib Dem spokesman for foreign affairs, Tom Brake, has written to May asking her to confirm that the report will not be shelved, and commenting on the link between Islamic extremism in Britain and the Saudis’ funding…

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  1. Another fantastic expose on Saudi, American and UK backed terrorism.

    Most Tory voters don’t know the truth of what’s really going on, and moreover the sad thing is they don’t even want to know the truth of what’s really going on.

    If you got them all in a giant stadium and actually proved by hard evidence and live witnesses etc, that their glorious leader and party is in it all up to her/their neck.
    They would just walk out en-mass. Whist denouncing the truther and witnesses as dirty Commie’s, Marxist’s or Putin lover’s.

    If Corbyn – and co – doesn’t somehow win this election, there’s no doubt about it, fasten your seat belt, because we are heading for five years – or even more – of absolute HELL.

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