Corbyn cheered and May heckled as campaigning draws to a close : Socialist Worker

Jeremy Corbyn told thousands of Labour supporters at six simultaneous rallies, “We are going all-out to win this election”.

He addressed a crowd of 6,000 in Birmingham, last night, Tuesday, who chanted his campaign slogan “for the many, not the few”.

His speech was relayed to events in Barry, Brighton, Croydon, Glasgow, and Warrington where senior Labour figures joined left wing celebrities.

Corbyn said, “Let’s work together across the whole country to show them our programme is real, serious and here. And we are real, serious and here.

“And do you know what? We are going to change things.”

In an atmosphere of solidarity strangers nodded and smiled at one another.

The crowd brought together young and old, disabled people, students, heath workers, teachers, unemployed and a generous mix of ethnicities.

Jane was there with her teenage daughter. She told Socialist Worker, “I’m one of many who have found themselves on no income as a result of my disability benefit being stopped.

“I was deemed fit for work, yet employers won’t hire me due to my disabilities. I’m terrified of what’s going to happen if Jeremy doesn’t win.”




  1. If you have any doubts about voting Labour, I defy you to watch this video without a tear in your eye, unless I’m just a bit soppy! The hopes of many are resting on his shoulders!


  2. Your not soppy. I felt the same.
    This really is our last and only hope.
    I can’t bring myself to think about the next five years if the Tories get re-elected…


  3. Will you open a topic especially for the election, stilloaks? I intend going to bed tomorrow afternoon, then getting up about 3am to watch the results coming in. I am praying that a lot of Tories have a “Portillo” moment.

    I have my wca on Friday, and I hope to go in and say “Here’s your P45, you’re sacked” …lol

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  4. Yes good luck on Friday Linda, and a WCA is no laughing matter.

    Had to laugh at this though…

    But Corbyn’s ability to draw and impress crowds is a world away from Theresa May’s lonely campaign.

    She got up early on Wednesday morning to pose with butchers at London’s Smithfield meat market. They heckled her, shouting “Vote Labour” and “end police cuts”….lol

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    1. Thanks, I have only just had the courage to go for this again. I was pursuaded by my Jobcentre coach. She had the decency to make me apply for PIP and ESA, I have been awarded PIP, without having to appeal, and hope the ESA will be the same. I wish that everyone had a decent disability advisor, and pray that in the future, people won’t have to battle so hard to get what they are entitled to.

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