Former Tory councillor defects to Labour and vows to never vote blue again : Welfare Weekly

Former Tory councillor Flick Foreman speaks about her anger and disgust over the party’s decision to increase her state pension age.

A former Conservative Parish Councillor has spoken of her anger and disgust for a party she had supported for 11 years, vowing to never vote Tory again.

Flick Foreman resigned from the Tory Party in 2000. Now 62, she is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and learn’t of the Tories intention to increase her state pension age when she was 58.

Speaking to the i newspaper, Foreman says the Tories have gone to far and now believes that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are the best hope for women hit by the increase in state pension age. However, she adds that Labour still needs to do much more.

She said: “I was brought up an absolute true blue Tory but I couldn’t vote for them now. Not in a million years.

“I joined Labour for Jeremy Corbyn in 2016. He was like a breath of fresh air. I renewed my membership today.

“We have really intransigent Conservatives here. The Labour group has supported the local Waspi group really wonderfully.”



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  1. So…if it wasn’t for the Conservatives increasing the woman’s pension age, she’d still be a thick Tory.

    Sorry…but once a thick working class Tory, always a thick working class Tory.

    I’d still ram her up against a wall and shoot her if it was up to me. NO FICKEN SYMPATHY FOR HER SELFISH I’M ALRIGHT TYPE.

    She can fick off as far as I’m concerned.

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