The rain doesn’t stop one of Corbyn’s biggest rallies yet in Gateshead : Socialist Worker

Some 10,000 people turned out in the pouring rain to see Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speak at a rally in Gateshead last night, Monday.

The rally was one of the biggest of Corbyn’s election campaign so far, with just three days to go before polling day on Thursday of this week.

The huge crowd spilled over into the adjoining car park as people turned out to the rally long before Corbyn was due to speak. People whooped, cheered and chanted before, during and after Corbyn’s speech.

NHS care worker Alice was there. She told Socialist Worker, “I could barely see Corbyn as there were so many people.

“The atmosphere was really positive despite the rain. And there was a real mix of people there, not just young students or the usual faces.

“There were people there with their children, the bloke behind me was an electrician in a high-vis who must have just left work. Just loads of ordinary people who’d come to see Corbyn.”

Corbyn used his speech to hit back at some of right wing criticisms levelled at the promises in his manifesto. He said the Tories had a “magic money tree that cuts taxes for big corporations”.



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