Theresa May: We will rip up human rights laws if they ‘stop us from’ tackling terrorism : i News

Theresa May has vowed to tear up any human rights legislation which prevents the authorities from taking tougher action against terrorist suspects. Security and policing following the London Bridge attack dominated the final stages of the general election campaign. The Prime Minister told a Tory rally she was ready to scrap any laws that got in the way of preventing jihadis waging war on Britain. Evolving threat She said: “As we see the threat changing, evolving becoming a more complex threat, we need to make sure that our police and security and intelligence agencies have the powers they need.” She said she wanted to make it easier to deport foreign terrorist suspects and restrict their movements if there was not enough evidence to prosecute them. “If human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change the laws so we can do it,” she said.

Spending squeeze

Earlier the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, put himself at odds with her as he claimed that a planned spending squeeze on the Metropolitan Police could lead to the loss of thousands of front-line officers. The Prime Minister has insisted that the country’s largest force is “well-resourced”. Mr Khan said the force stood to lose between 3,400 and 12,800 constables, a reduction in strength of ten to 40 per cent, making it harder to foil future terrorist atrocities. He said the Met had been forced to find savings of £600m since 2010 and was now facing further cuts of £400m. And he warned that the force could lose another £700m a year under Conservative plans to change the police funding formula.


  1. She just can’t wait to snatch our human rights away, on the pretext of keeping us safe.

    Corbyn, speaking to the BBC from his rally in Glasgow, told them that the only way to deal with terrorism is through proper funding of the police and security services, and not by taking away human rights. I can’t provide a link, as I can’t find it on their news site. I wonder why?

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    1. Thanks Linda, just finished watching Ian Crane.
      The footage of the Police in Taunton was shocking but not surprising, but does beg the question do we really want Police officers who react like that, to be armed? It also raises many questions about Police accountability…


  2. I see the Midnight Express is priced at 10 pence…robbing bastards.

    Could only watch a little bit because of Dongle DATA restrictions. But I get the idea.

    Any working class person who doesn’t vote for Corbyn today is a ficken idiot, and deserves all they get. And if May gets back in…WELL THEY’RE GOING TO GET EVERYTHING THEY ASKED FOR AND MORE.

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  3. Doesn’t matter if it’s a police officer or not, since the children are not under arrest then that is assault and the officers can be reported. Via a lawyer of course or nothing would get done.

    That girl at the end should have said to her mate…Don’t worry, we’ve got these monsters on film, they’re all out of a job – very shortly – for assault.

    All of a sudden the police would become nice little officers until that is… they actually get a hold of that film…lol

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  4. Shocking brutality isn’t it?

    Yet the media portrays them as our friends. Whilst there are some decent coppers in the force, a lot of them seem to be more violent than the criminals.

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