No, Theresa May is not an advocate for mental health. The Tories get rich off our misery : Evolve Politics

The Tories’ general election campaign is coming apart at the seams. The dementia tax blew up in their face; cuts to the state pension have taken chunks out of their traditional voter base; and cuts to security services, carried out during Theresa May’s time as Home Secretary, have come back to haunt them after a series of terror attacks exposed the under-resourced state of Britain’s police.

But their humiliation reached a new high on Sunday when Peter Kirkham, a former Senior Investigating Officer for the Met, was asked by Sky News about government claims that there are more police on streets. His answer was emphatic: “No. There are not. People that are alleging that are lying.” Asked for clarification as to whether this meant that the government and the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, were lying, Kirkham confirmed this without hesitation.

Even Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s Director of Strategy, is now calling for Theresa May to resign.

Public service crisis

Throughout her election campaign, Theresa May has appeared extremely awkward when addressing the public – something like a malfunctioning robot. She has also refused to take part in any genuine debate amongst the leaders… so much for strong and stable!



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