Theresa May appeals to ‘patriotic’ Labour voters in last-ditch dash : The Guardian

PM covers more than 1,000 miles in final three days of election, focusing on north of England, Wales and the Midlands.

Theresa May made a pitch for “fiercely patriotic” former Labour voters to switch to the Conservatives as she focused her last day on the campaign trail on key target seats.

The prime minister spent the final three days of the campaign travelling more than 1,000 miles across the country by private jet and car, paying particularly attention to Labour-held marginals.

Her final message to voters was a call for people not to think about how they voted before but think about “who they want to see leading this country through not just the next five years but setting the direction of this country for the future”.

The mood among Conservative aides was relaxed as they headed into the final few days, suggesting an increasing confidence that May will retain her majority after a mid-campaign wobble over the backlash against her social care plans.

The prime minister has deliberately focused her visits on the north of England, Wales and the Midlands in the hope of picking up former Labour or Ukip voters who were strongly behind Brexit.

She said those she wanted to appeal to were “the sort of people I met when I stood, for example up in North West Durham some years ago”, referring to 1992 when both she and the current Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, lost to Labour’s Hilary Armstrong.



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