A Labour-led government may yet emerge. We progressives must work together : The Guardian

Theresa May was right about a ‘coalition of chaos’ – she’s about to create one. This is not a victory for the left, but it is a starting point.

Well, that was a shock. A Conservative majority has been toppled, a resurgent Labour party led by a emboldened leader has risen with gusto – and the electoral map of Britain has been redrawn.

Progressives waking up this morning should be cheered. The number of MPs in parliament who oppose this hardline Tory government has increased, and our combined voices will be heard far louder in the next parliament.

But we face serious challenges too. This desperate Conservative government will reach out to the hardline DUP – a party that denies climate change, opposes abortion and is openly homophobic. Theresa May was right to warn about a “coalition of chaos” – her party is about to try to create one. And it’s a stark reminder of the inequity of our electoral system that the DUP will take 10 MPs to parliament with fewer than 300,000 votes, while my own party returns just one MP with over half a million.

Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen next, but here are the facts. Over 52% of people voted for Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, the SNP and Plaid Cymru. In numerical terms that’s a progressive majority, yet we’re facing the Tories strong-arming their way into Downing Street. Though the Tories look likely to ask the Queen for permission to form a government, they do so in an incredibly weak position – with a leader whose arrogant, negative campaign failed on its own terms.




  1. I’ll give it 3 months until we are back at the polling station. Theresa May, if she had any shred of decency, would resign. I can’t understand the mentality of Tory voters, voting for more austerity and worse living conditions.

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