Fearful locals call cops on Tory aid : Morning Star

Tory MP agent ‘sent threatening messages’

THE agent of a Tory MP has been reported to the police for allegedly sending threatening messages to locals after a raucous Cambridgeshire hustings.

Complaints were raised by constituents about the agent of Tory MP for Huntingdon Jonathan Djanogly who they claim sent abusive messages to them on social media.

Ryan Fuller, who is also a Huntingdonshire district councillor, targeted a number of Huntingdon residents after they stood up for the mother of a disabled child at the Monday meeting.

During the hustings, locals say that the millionaire MP launched a verbal attack against Emma Bail who challenged him over “damaging” government cuts that mean preschool-age children with disabilities are limited to only 15 hours of support at nursery.

Huntingdon constituent Stephen Ferguson who was at the meeting explained that he had received a string of messages from Mr Fuller after he had asked for an apology for the way Ms Bail was treated.

He told the Star: “I think that it is unacceptable and anti-democratic for the employees of an elected official to try to silence the public outrage that resulted from Djanogly’s disgraceful comments with false threats of legal action.




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