Feeling red-faced? The Labour rebels eating their words after benefiting from Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity : The Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn’s harshest critics from within his own party benefited from the “Corbyn surge” last night as Labour made significant gains.

In what will be interpreted as a personal triumph for the leader, pollsters are predicting the outcome of the 2017 General Election will be a hung Parliament.

It comes just a year after Mr Corbyn’s own MPs tried to force him out in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Mr Corbyn, 68, is now safe for as long as he wants to stay – and so are the several of the moderate MPs who have been attacking his leadership ever since he was elected.

Thangam Debbonaire, Bristol West, UP 30.27%

Thangam Debbonaire increased her share of the vote in Bristol West, which voted Liberal Democrat in 2010, by more than 30 per cent, beating the Conservatives into second place.

Last summer the professional cellist resigned her front bench role as shadow culture minister, staying that Jeremy Corbyn was not the right person to lead the Labour Party into the next election.

She said the then embattled Labour leader hired and fired her without her even knowing.

However, she returned following Mr Corbyn’s second leadership victory as an opposition whip, stating that she would vote against the motion to trigger Article 50 despite the party imposing a three-line whip supporting the Government position.




  1. I saw Yvette Cooper and John Woodcock this morning, they could barely be bothered to acknowledge Corbyn’s fantastic campaign. Make no mistake, this hasn’t gone away, and I suspect they will be working overtime to try and claim top spot for themselves.

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