Labour MP Chris Leslie: Labour should not pretend it achieved a ‘famous victory’ : i News

Labour should not pretend it achieved a “famous victory”, a former shadow chancellor has said.Chris Leslie, a critic of Jeremy Corbyn, claimed the party missed an “open goal” to beat Theresa May. The Labour MP described the outcome of the election as an “okay result” after Mr Corbyn’s party secured 262 seats, more than expected, and significantly boosted its vote share. Mr Leslie retained his Nottingham East seat with 28,102 votes, 71.5 per cent. The former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer has held the seat since 2010.
Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Leslie warned Labour had still lost the election which he said left his constituency with a Conservative government “they do not need”. He said the party is now faced with tough questions about how to convince voters it can transition from “protesting about a government into being the government”. Mr Leslie said while some unexpected “fantastic results” had been achieved in some constituencies, “we haven’t won that election”.

It’s not going to be good enough




  1. Oh dear. Poor Mr Leslie seems a little put out that his wifes campaign against Corbyn did not work.
    Between July and September 2016 Labour Tomorrow received £335,400 in donations. Labour Tomorrow (AKA Smear Corbyn by any means possible) was founded by the former Gordon Brown aide Nicola Murphy who is married to Chris Leslie.

    In the immortal words of Jonathon Pie…
    “New Labour is dead, you fuckers!”


  2. He has been absolutely panned on facebook & twitter. He is boasting that his increased majority is entirely due to his own popularity, and nothing to do with Corbyn’s appeal.

    When will these Blairites get over themselves. If it wasn’t for Jeremy Corbyn, they would be out on their arses.

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    1. “If it wasn’t for Jeremy Corbyn, they would be out on their arses.”

      Exactly! Just about every Labour MP who was elected owes their election victory to Jeremy Corbyn.
      10,000 people turned out in the rain to hear Jeremy Corbyn, while one of the Blairites, Owen Smith had to offer free ice cream to get a few dozen to turn out, when he challenged Corbyn’s leadership…

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      1. If they were so confident in their own abilities, they would step down, and become independent, but they won’t. Instead, they prefer to hang onto the coat-tails of whoever is popular at the time, but never putting themselves in the firing line.

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