May’s coalition can’t work – because of a TORY law #BadFridayAgreement


The SKWAWKBOX understands that a senior Tory is in Belfast today for discussions with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) with a view to establishing a formal coalition rather than a ‘confidence and supply arrangement’ (CSA).

However, either arrangement may in fact be unlawful.

In late 2015, against the objections of Labour, the SNP and other parties, the Tory government rammed through its ‘English votes for English laws’ (EVEL) legislation:

evel.pngThe Tories had tabled a bill under the coalition, out of a desire to prevent Labour and SNP MPs, who dominated Scotland, from hampering Conservative plans – and David Cameron also wanted to appease ‘little England’.

That bill became law and was used for the first time in January last year:

evel1This means that on any ‘England only’ or ‘England and Wales only’ matters, the DUP would have no standing and would not be entitled to vote. As the SNP would also be…

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  1. The Tory punters will now start screaming…it’s evil….lol

    How ficken ironic is that, they never saw that one coming did they…Ha Ha Ha.

    What are they going to do now ? change the law now so that only The DUP from Northern Ireland can vote on English matters.

    And the biggest irony of all is that the SNP only voted on matters that involved Scotland, they didn’t want to be involved in voting on English only concerns anyway.

    You just can’t get any more of a blundering diddy…than a Tory. Totally unfit to run the country.

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