PETER OBORNE: Why the biggest losers are the Blairites who have been blasted out of our political life : Daily Mail

Love him or hate him, there’s no question that yesterday’s election victory is a considerable achievement for Jeremy Corbyn.

The 68-year-old Labour leader was written off by every self-appointed political expert when the campaign started.

They expected his campaign to collapse, all the more so because Corbyn was undermined by many from his own side, with a clear majority of Labour MPs refusing even to serve in his leadership team.

Yet he confounded the experts by securing more than 40 per cent of the popular vote – more than any Labour leader since Tony Blair in 2001.

When Mr Corbyn became leader, Labour had lost seats in four consecutive elections since 1997.

In the face of apparently insuperable odds, he reversed that trend, raising the number of party seats from 232 to 262.

Many predicted the death of the Labour Party itself when Mr Corbyn took over. Yet he has managed to bring it back to life.

So how did he achieve this?

Partly, it was Mr Corbyn’s refusal to be bullied into submission by his enemies within the Labour Party or by a hostile media. He also relished the cut and thrust of political debate.



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