The big question that needs answering : Another Angry Voice

Jeremy Corbyn has beaten ridiculous odds, and withstood the most savage smear-mongering abuse I’ve ever seen a man take without cracking, and delivered a result that the mainstream media would have ridiculed if anyone would have suggested that Labour would make significant gains back in April when the election was called.

With an extra week of campaigning I’m sure Corbyn could even have won it, such was the way the tide was turning in his direction.

All of us who fought for a better, fairer Britain with a sane investment-based economic strategy can be rightly proud of our efforts to defy the odds.

However we must also be deeply concerned that 13.6 million people actually voted for this absolutely cringeworthy coward of a woman.

42.3% almost matched Tony Blair’s share of the vote in 1997 when people voted in their droves against a decaying sleaze infested corpse of a Tory government.

In 2017 it was so obviously the Tory party in decay (7 years of failed austerity targets, 7 years of failed immigration targets, the worst 7 years of wage growth on record, an absolute dud of a Prime Minister, one U-turn after another …) but …

42.3% is the highest Tory share of the vote since Margaret Thatcher stormed to power in 1979!

Just look at the state of this:



  1. In Scotland, it seems that Kezia Dugdale has been advising the voters to vote tactically, even if that meant voting Tory, to keep the SNP from winning seats. For this treachery, she should be sacked.

    In England, the knuckle dragging racists, who allow the Daily Express to brainwash them into thinking that the only person who will keep out immigrants, would be Theresa May. As of yesterday, they are hastily regretting this action, they know that the hard Brexit they want, will never happen now.

    Then we have just the plain lazy, who vote against their own interests. They voted Tory, because the Sun and Mail told them that Corbyn and McDonnel were terrorist sympathisers, and that Corbyn flatly refuses to kill us all in a nuclear holocaust. Now they wake up to find, the woman they voted for, has gone into coalition with terrorists.

    There’s nowt so queer as folk!

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  2. Is it gonna be a soft brexit, a very soft Brexit,…Jeeez, and all those UKIPERS and working class racist Alf Garnet type Tories thought they could trust Theresa May to take them back to the days of the Empire and Britain ruling the waves…Ha Ha.

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  3. ah but postal votes didn’t get there to those who needed them how many went missing has lilley has control of the counting weather they had miscounted or lost votes in their favour just so corbyn couldn’t win I wonder nah they would wood they

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    1. Thanks for posting Shadow. If you watch the last 5 minutes of this, you can see the agenda. Printed press = Truth. Internet = Fake News. You pays your money, you takes your choice

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