The election has been the clearest sign yet of the waning political influence of the UK press : i News

The Sun’s front page on 19 April, after the election was announced, and on 9 June.

As he called for Theresa May’s resignation on Friday morning, Jeremy Corbyn will have known that his better-than-expected election performance represented a bloody nose not just for Theresa May but for her allies in the right-wing popular press. When Mrs May called the snap election in April, the Tory-supporting papers had Corbyn’s scent in their attack dog nostrils, predicting slaughter with headlines such as “Blue Murder” (The Sun) and “May Heads for Election Landslide” (The Times). The Daily Mail, with its bloodcurdling “Crush The Saboteurs”, suggested the vote would be so emphatic it would allow the Prime Minister to silence “Remainers” in the House of Lords. But by the eve of the election that confidence had been weakened by a Corbyn surge. Though the news-stand declared almost unanimously for Ms May, there was a hint of desperation in the headlines. The Mail supported its “Let’s Reignite British Spirit” slogan with 13 pages of vitriol directed at Corbyn and his senior colleagues.

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