Unlikely as it may seem, the DUP has been planning for this day : i News

If you want to know what the DUP will look for in exchange for sustaining Theresa May as Prime Minister, don’t read its manifesto. Instead, the clues as to what that party will now seek from the Tories are to be found in a document which the party put together two years ago ahead of the last General Election. Unlike its manifesto for this election, which was written on the explicit understanding that there would be a thumping Tory majority, that document was drawn up for precisely this scenario. In 2015, the expected hung Parliament never materialised and the document was forgotten. No longer. Off the shelf plan ‘The Northern Ireland Plan’, a 12-page route map for this situation, sets out 45 DUP priorities for Westminster, many of which are financial, including an increased budget for Stormont to allow for greater real terms health and education spending, capital investment in schools and hospitals, better terms to allow Stormont to slash corporation tax and infrastructure investment in a range of areas. But the list was not purely financial, incorporating “proper border controls and a tougher immigration policy”; removing allowances removed from parties who refuse to attend the House of Commons (ie. Sinn Fein), legislation to reform the structure of Stormont and new parading legislation to re-make the body which rules on Orange Order parades.

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  1. If the DUP think they have the Tory boys by the balls and therefore are going to rule the roost and order the Tories around…they are sadly mistaken.

    They will be told – diplomatically of course and as soon as they arrive for talks – in no uncertain terms that they will stand to attention and do as they’re told…OR THERE WILL BE A COMPLETE BAN OF ORANGE PARADES, A REDUCED FUND FROM WESTMINSTER…and the one that will frighten them to death…Talks will start with Gerry Adams and Sinn fein and THERE WILL BE A UNITED IRELAND WITHIN A YEAR.

    Do they think the Tories are completely dumb ?, yes they are dumb as fick, but the rub is…THEY ARE 100 PERCENT FUCKEN RUTHELESS, totally selfish and self serving, and totally without any mercy, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.
    And the DUP are going to find that out the hard way very shortly.

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