Will Labour ‘moderates’ now stop trying to overthrow Corbyn? : RT Question More

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn passed the electoral test with flying colors after delivering his party’s best results since 2001. But will his opponents inside the party finally rally behind the socialist?

Corbyn crushed a ‘coup’ against his leadership by winning a second contest with an even greater margin of 61.8 percent (compared to his original 59.5 percent victory in 2015).

The revolt was led in June by his one-time Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, whom Corbyn had sacked days prior. More than 170 MPs supported a vote of no confidence in Corbyn, but their hopes to see the back of the socialist leader were crushed by September.

The June 8 election night started off with a surprising twist for Labour internal politics as former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he was “delighted” with Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign performance.

Straw was a close ally of Tony Blair and claimed in 2015 that Corbyn “would lead Labour into political oblivion.”

Then it was Labour-center MP David Lammy to perform a mea culpa in a series of tweets congratulating Corbyn and speculating on the results a more united Labour Party could achieve.



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  1. You’ve got to laugh! The one’s who owe it to Corbyn, that they have still got a seat, are acting as if he is the one that is holding them back. Cut them loose, and see how they get on as independents.

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