Labour AHEAD of Tories by six points in stunning new poll as public say Theresa May should resign : Daily Mirror.

Survation correctly predicted the outcome of the election – here’s what they reckon would happen next.

Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister if an election was held tomorrow, according to the pollster which most accurately predicted Thursday’s election result.

A new poll by Survation puts Labour six points ahead of the Tories on 45% of the vote.

The Tories, meanwhile, polled 39% – almost four points below their result in the general election.

It is the first time since Theresa May took power that any poll has put Labour ahead of the Conservatvies.

Survation’s final poll before election day correctly predicted Labour would win around 40% of the vote, with the Tories just ahead of them.

Today’s poll also found almost half of the public – including a quarter of Tory voters – thought Mrs May should resign as Prime Minister.

Read More : Daily Mirror.


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