Theresa May feels the strain: Petition rejecting DUP reaches 440,000 signatures : i News

Theresa May continues to feel the strain after the election as she attempts to finalise her team of ministers after her joint chief of staff resigned. An unconfirmed report by the BBC suggested Mrs May was facing demands she sack her joint chief of staff Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy or face a leadership challenge. The report quoted an unnamed senior Tory. On Saturday, both Ms Hill and Mr Timothy announced their resignations. It came as a survey on the Conservative Home website found 65 per cent of the Conservative party’s members who responded believe she should step down as leader. The survey asked members: “Should Theresa May announce her resignation as party leader, thus triggering a leadership contest?” It received At 4763 replies, which ConHome said is the second-biggest response to a ConHome survey. Mrs May has said she will not resign and has asked for support from the Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to secure the eight seats needed to form a minority government.

Petition gathers 440,000 signatures

An online petition in objection to the Tories and DUP forming a minority government has gathered more than 440,000 signatures. Further divisions within the party arose on Saturday when Mrs May’s former communications director claimed her closest advisors fomented a “toxic” environment in Downing Street.




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