Theresa May’s new Government is a coalition of chaos and everything she told British voters to fear : Mirror

Sunday Mirror columnist John Prescott says the PM has lost all moral authority after joining with the DUP and has weakened her hand in Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May warned of a coalition of chaos. Of getting into power with a party with historical links to terrorists . Of instability that could damage the UK and the chance of a good Brexit deal.

And she was right. Because that’s May’s new Government.

She must rely on the support of 10 Democratic Unionist MPs – a party with close links to loyalist paramilitaries and which opposes abortion and gay marriage.

May also needs the support of Scottish Conservatives led by a married lesbian. And it doesn’t stop there. Her MPs are still bitterly divided between those who want a hard or softer Brexit.

And she will now have to factor in DUP demands for an EU customs union deal – something May and Boris are opposed to.

But, most worryingly, the DUP deal could bring down the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Thanks to Labour’s Good Friday Agreement, which brought peace to Northern Ireland , we have a power-sharing government between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists, in the form of the DUP and Sinn Fein .




  1. Its not backtracking, it wasn’t a lie, it was released in error…
    The farce is strong in this one…

    “Theresa May’s team appear to have backtracked on claims she’d agreed an outline deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to keep her in power.

    Statements released by both Number 10 and the DUP suggest talks will not be finalised until Parliament returns next week.

    And Tory sources said earlier statements suggesting a deal had been agreed were “released in error”.”


  2. Poor Theresa, she is having such a hard time of it.
    I guess all we can do is play her a song, with her in mind…
    If thats all you got…
    “Let Me Help You Find The Door”


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