Two more weeks and Labour would have been in power, says shadow chancellor : The Guardian

Labour intends to push for the adoption of its popular manifesto policies in parliament, says John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn would have become prime minister at the head of a majority Labour government if the election campaign had gone on for two more weeks, the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, claims today.

Writing in the Observer, after Labour confounded its critics and most of its own MPs by depriving Theresa May of an overall majority while increasing its Commons numbers by 32, McDonnell says political momentum was firmly behind his party because the British public had recognised Corbyn’s decency, strength and principles. This, he argues, was despite a barrage of “poisonous Tory attacks” and a “policy-free”, expensively funded Tory campaign, cheered on and applauded by the dominant rightwing elements of the press.

Although many Labour MPs refused to mention Corbyn on their campaign literature, believing him to be an electoral liability who voters could not envisage in Downing Street, the Labour leader can expect a thunderous, hero’s reception at a parliamentary Labour party meeting in the Commons on Tuesday evening. The same is expected at prime minister’s questions when he will face May across the dispatch box on Wednesday.



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