What next for Labour’s Corbynsceptics? A challenge is out, so they’ll stick to the rules : i News

The expectations of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour were set dangerously low when Theresa May called the election in April. With the Corbynsceptics having ridiculed predictions by Diane Abbott and John McDonnell over the past year that the party could narrow the poll gap, any improvement in the party’s fortunes was likely to shield Corbyn from a further leadership challenge. Still, the scale of the party’s achievement – the biggest increase in vote share since Clement Attlee’s 1945 win – makes Labour’s internal conflict a different ball game entirely. Even his most hardened critics, such as Barrow MP John Woodcock, have been unable to call for a change of leadership. Others, such as former shadow education secretary Lucy Powell, immediately issued conciliatory messages – saying they can work with Corbyn once more. Changing the rules But this does not mean the war is over. Though “electability” has been a useful stick with which to bash Corbyn, many in Labour have deep-seated objections to his brand of politics. MPs who came into politics under New Labour will still struggle to accept that an agenda of public ownership and taxing the rich is the way forward.

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