Yvette Cooper would ‘consider’ serving in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet : The Telegraph

The MP tipped to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership if Labour had been destroyed in the election is now prepared to serve in his shadow cabinet, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Yvette Cooper, who resigned from the front bench just days after Mr Corbyn won the leadership, would take up the position of shadow home secretary if it was offered it in a reshuffle.

It came as other leading critics including Angela Eagle and Chuka Umunna made it clear they were willing to make a return, despite public declarations of Mr Corbyn’s unsuitability for the leadership.

However, sources close to Mr Corbyn said any new members of his top team would be forced to publicly endorse his manifesto and left wing policies including mass renationalisation if they want to make a return.

The reversal in Mr Corbyn’ fortune emerged as he banked the support of those who previously believed he would doom Labour to electoral failure.

Plans to oust him as leader were hastily dropped on Friday after he secured an extra 31 seats and took the party from 229  to 261 seats.



  1. How very gracious of her!

    I hope Corbyn keeps the people who have stayed loyal to him, and makes the one’s such as Cooper, who flounced out, wait their turn for a vacancy to come up.

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  2. she is a backstabber and really should be deselected given the boot I cant see her not giving trouble in the future has greed has caught and ridding the party of this man was her policy how has she changed just like a leopard cant change its spots jeff3

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