David Gauke MP appointed Work and Pensions Secretary – see his voting record : Welfare Weekly

His voting record is unlikely to comfort people affected by years of social security cuts.

Theresa May has appointed David Gauke MP as the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, replacing Damian Green who has been promoted to First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Mr Gauke has been the Conservative member of parliament for South West Hertfordshire since 2005.

Prior to being appointed Work and Pensions Secretary, Mr Gauke was The Chief Secretary to the Treasury and includes Child Benefit among his many interests.

His past voting record will provide little comfort to people who have been affected by years of cuts to social security benefits, because he has almost always towed the party-line in relation to welfare changes.

A quick look at his voting record on theyworkforyou.com reveals a worrying history of support for cuts to housing benefit, disability benefits, council tax support, and the refusal to use public spending to create guaranteed jobs for young people.

According to the website, David Gauke:




  1. It doesn’t matter which minister they appoint. If it’s a Tory, they are all bastards. I just hope he doesn’t choose the evil, Esther McVey as his sidekick.

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