I’m a first-time voter – and I was proud to be able to vote for Jeremy Corbyn : Morning Star

LUCA HORTON, 18, explains why he was so pleased to put a cross in the Labour box for a better future for all

I LIVE in Wales and I turned 18 in April. Upon my 18th birthday there was excitement filling the air as I knew that I could finally vote and have my voice heard.

Coming from a working-class family background, where politics is talked about and discussed within my family daily, I believe it is a necessity for all younger voices to be heard when it comes to important issues in elections.

Even more important, it is a chance for young people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds to get involved in the whole political process.

As a first-time voter, I was motivated to persuade many others of my age in my constituency to vote on Thursday, resulting in over 4,000 messages, many phone calls and many Facebook and Twitter shares.

Spreading the news, information and policies regarding Labour’s inspirational leader, Jeremy Corbyn, became a burning necessity to get the voices of young people heard for once.

For me, along with many other young voters, it was vital to actually go and vote for whatever we believe is the right way forward with our chosen party and our own beliefs. For me that was Labour, Corbyn and my local candidate Chris Ruane.




  1. Let’s hope he’s got the energy to do it all again. It’s looking more likely by the minute, that another election will be on the cards.

    Queens speech delayed, Brexit talks delayed, no formal agreement yet with the DUP. Theresa May is a weak and wobbly disaster.

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