Scottish Tories expected to vote as bloc to protect Scotland’s interests : The Guardian

Sources say leader Ruth Davidson will tell MPs to champion Scotland in Westminster, adding to pressure on Theresa May.

Scotland’s new group of Conservative MPs will be expected to vote as a bloc to protect the nation’s interests at Westminster, adding to the pressures facing Theresa May’s ailing government.

The Scottish Tories had their best election result since 1983 last week, returning 13 MPs, after the party’s Scottish leader, Ruth Davidson, ran an autonomous campaign which sidelined May. It prioritised Scottish policies, causing tensions with the prime minister’s key advisers at Downing Street.

The scale of that success, with the Tories toppling two of the Scottish National party’s most powerful figures at Westminster in Alex Salmond and the deputy leader, Angus Robertson, has greatly increased Davidson’s influence inside the Conservative party at a UK level.

In a sign of her confidence about her new-found power, Davidson went public on Saturday to say she had sought and received cast-iron guarantees from May that the Conservative deal with the Democratic Unionist party would not lead to any retreat on gay rights or equal marriage policy.

The socially conservative DUP, which is closely aligned to evangelical Protestantism, has resolutely blocked any equal marriage measures in Northern Ireland. Davidson is the most prominent gay leader in the Conservatives, and she plans to marry her Roman Catholic partner, Jen Wilson.

Scottish Tory sources say Davidson will use her authority by asking all 13 MPs, including the Scottish secretary, David Mundell, to “champion the Scottish national interest” both at Westminster and inside the government.




  1. She knows that the DUP are asking for cold, hard cash, in exchange for supporting May’s policies. She’d be daft not to do the same. The Tories motto should be “Do it to them, before they do it to you”

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