Theresa May faces showdown with mutinous Tory MPs : i News

An embattled Theresa May faces a showdown on Monday with Conservative MPs furious that an unnecessary and bungled general election campaign resulted in the party throwing away its Commons majority. As the Prime Minister fights for her political life, several of her own MPs doubted that she would be in her post at the end of the year and Boris Johnson was forced to deny that he was plotting a leadership bid. She also faced demands to change her style if she wants to remain in office. Mrs May has been forced to ditch her two closed advisers and her impotence was further underlined by a Cabinet reshuffle yesterday which left almost all existing ministers in place.

Former Chancellor George Osborne, now the editor of the London Evening Standard, said: “Theresa May is dead woman walking. It is just how long she is going to remain on death row. “I think we will know very shortly. We could easily get to the middle of next week and it all collapses for her.”

Tempers running high

As MPs return to Westminster following a dramatic election contest, the Prime Minister will appear on Monday afternoon before the Tory backbench 1922 Committee. Tempers are running high within the party both over her disastrous decision to call a snap election three years early and her dismal personal performance over the last seven weeks.


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